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Chair Lifts For Stairs

This article is about a chair lifts, its advantages and main features

In terms of prices pertaining to chair lifts for stairs their is an array of difference among suppliers. The prices vary because of many factors. A few of those reasons are the model or brand of stair lift you would like, and also the shape and style of stairs you currently have in your home.

Prices of chair lifts for stairs will also vary based on whether one will obtain some sort of financial aid from the government or other. Also, several choose to go with a second hand or renovated model compared to a brand new stairway lift. After doing some careful research it is safe to say that paying over $2,500 will be common for any simple straight stair lift. However, anticipate shelling out more than $10,000 for those who have curved stairs and you're having the lift installed by a specialist.

This can be a major decision which is the reason why you ought to carefully do your research and evaluate manufacturer price ranges. Again from my research this is a complicated purchase decision since most manufacturers aren't always willing to give you a price quote on the telephone. There are a couple of obvious reasons for this. First, they need to assess your needs to consider what stairway lift may be best suited for you. Second, they need to figure out the size and shape of your stairway along with determining whether or not they'll do the unit installation.

If I were to give you some advice on how to handle this situation, it would be this: Attempt to get the vendor to provide you with a "ballpark" range based upon your situation and needs. If they are unable to supply you this number, then simply move on to the next company.

One of the very best ways to decrease your stairway lift price is to locate and purchase a second hand or refurbished one. A few of the best locations to check are by asking the manufacturers themselves, classifieds, as well as auction sites like If, however, you chose to go this route then negotiating a warranty with your purchase is highly encouraged. This way you may get some security of your chair lift for stairs purchase if for whatever reason something happens to it.

Yet another option you may want to consider is leasing a stairway lift. This could very well be a great choice if your manufacturer will support this option. So, by now you are probably all anxious because these things are quite expensive. However, research has told me that these companies tend to be flexible on how you finance your purchase. Some options might be by refinancing your home or any other loan arrangements.

It is unfortunate, but I've not found many companies or subsidies that grant funding for such a purchase. That being said, it doesn't hurt to ask your insurance company if they cover some of the cost of a chair lift for stairs.